Condominium Management

Condo corporations, while not required to, may decide to hire a condo manager or a condo management company to oversee the condo corporation’s day-to-day operations. Condo managers act on behalf of the condo corporation and are directed by the board of directors. A condo manager’s range of responsibilities may include:

  • Creating and maintaining records for the condo corporation;
  • Responding to owner complaints;
  • Coordinating the maintenance and repair of the property;
  • Hiring and monitoring the performance of service providers;
  • Preparing draft annual budgets and monitoring the reserve fund;
  • Issuing meeting notices; and
  • Organizing board meetings and overseeing administration of all owners’ meetings.

Under Section 17.0.1 of the Condo Act condo corporations cannot enter into agreements with a condo manager or management company unless they are licensed through the Condominium Management Authority of Ontario (CMRAO).

For more information on the CMRAO, you can visit their website by clicking here.