Residents’ Essentials

pocketknifeYou’re a new resident at Islington2000 ?
We’d like to extend a warm welcome and provide this reference to help you to find your way around.

Residents of Islington2000  are members of a self-contained community, the population (over 600 permanent residents) of which is equal to that of a small village. Our homes are luxurious and our surroundings beautiful.

If we are to gain the greatest value from these benefits, common sense suggests a number of things we should do: In the material sense, and in order to sustain and increase the value of our investments, it would be wise to maintain the present fine appearance of our suites, hallways, grounds and other common areas. To enjoy our surroundings and our neighbours to the fullest, it is essential to give thought not only to our own needs and desires, but to ensuring as well that our actions and behaviour do not interfere with our neighbours’ enjoyment of their homes and surroundings. A reasonable degree of concern for the enjoyment and comfort of all will make this a better and happier home for us all. If most of us think and act cooperatively, the result over the longer term is bound to be gratifying.

In other words, we need to observe the Golden Rule – “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”