Our Boards

Each building has a five member Board of Directors.
At present they are as follows:

2000 Islington – MTCC 570

  • President:   Tony Lecce
  • Vice President:   Peter Bahry
  • Treasurer:   Erle Stephens
  • Assistant Treasurer: Roy Tamura
  • Secretary:  John D’Angelo

2010 Islington  – YCC 531

  • President:   Lina Romano
  • Vice President:   Manny Radomski
  • Treasurer:   John Macdonald
  • Assistant Treasurer: Peter Battaglino
  • Secretary:   Marian Leslie

To contact the board of directors with questions or comments:

  • please write/type/print a letter
  • include your name, and suite number with your message
  • be sure to add your signature
  • bring your letter it to the management office.  If the office is closed, you can put it in the mailbox beside the office door.

Your letter will be given to the appropriate board of directors and will be discussed at a board meeting.