Our Boards


Each building has a five member Board of Directors.
At present they are as follows:

2000 Islington – MTCC 570

  • President: Erle Stephens
  • Vice President:   Peter Bahry
  • Treasurer: Nicola Caravaggio
  • Assistant Treasurer/Secretary: Giovina Di Matteo
  • Director at Large: Tony Primerano

2010 Islington  – YCC 531

  • President:   Lina Romano
  • Vice President:   Manny Radomski
  • Treasurer:   John Macdonald
  • Director at Large: Brigitte DiBattista

To contact the board of directors with questions or comments:

  • please write/type/print a letter
  • include your name, and suite number with your message
  • be sure to add your signature
  • bring your letter it to the management office.  If the office is closed, you can put it in the mailbox beside the office door.
  • Alternately email the Management Office at

Your letter will be given to the appropriate board of directors and will be discussed at a board meeting. The Boards meet once a month. Check with Management to avoid being disappointed  with time sensitive matters.