The directors of condominium boards bear responsibility for some significant decisions.  Stay abreast of some the latest developments here.

Annual General Meetings 2020

For the first time the Annual General Meetings of MTCC 570 (2000 Islington) and YCC 531 (2010 Islington) moved to the Zoom platform. The pandemic made public meetings impossible, and the Ontario Condominium Authorities changed regulations to allow AGMs to be virtual. Many AGMs had to be delayed to allow time to manage the logistics of the new format. According to those in attendance, our two AGMs went quite well. For those who couldn’t attend a detailed proxy provided a way to participate and vote.

Below are the names of the Directors. You can contact the Board of Directors in writing by email or by dropping a letter to the Management Office.

Board of Directors – MTCC 570

Erle Stephens (President)
Peter Bahry (V.P.)
Roy Tamura (Director)
Nicola Caravaggio (Secretary/Treasurer)
Tony Lecce (Director at Large)

Board of Directors – YCC 531

Lina Romano (President)
Manny Radomski (V.P.)
John Macdonald (Treasurer)
Marian Leslie (Secretary)
Kam Chari (Director at Large)

Board of Directors for 2019-2020

Our Boards

In October each corporation held it’s annual general meeting (AGM). This led to the election of one new Director for MTCC570.
Here are your new Boards: :

2000 Islington – MTCC 570

  • President:   Tony Lecce
  • Vice President:   Peter Bahry
  • Treasurer:   Erle Stephens
  • Assistant Treasurer: Roy Tamura
  • Secretary:  John D’Angelo

2010 Islington  – YCC 531

  • President:   Lina Romano
  • Vice President:   Manny Radomski
  • Treasurer:   John Macdonald
  • Assistant Treasurer: Peter Battaglino
  • Secretary:   Marian Leslie

We owe sincere thanks to these individuals who have stepped up to volunteer their time and expertise in service of our community.

Directors’ BBQ for 2010 Islington

After a blustery and dark day, the sun broke through and gave us a perfect evening for our barbecue. As you see, we enjoyed every minute. A sincere thank you to the social committee!

Planning a change?

As you know, renovations are happening all the time in our building. It’s possible that you are beginning to consider making some changes in your suite in the new year. Remember that you are required to make an application to the Board before starting. Watch this video for some advice.