​Recreation at Islington 2000

Aquafitness Group
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
10 am and 11 am at the indoor pool

Art Group    learn more

Larry Marno 416-243-9622

Book Club    learn more
Marian Leslie 416-578-1893

Social Bridge     learn more
: Don Buchanan 416-240-6935
:  Jack Parker 647-428-2979

Duplicate Bridge     learn more
Jack Parker 647-428-2979

Craft Group          learn more

Euchre   learn more
Josie Sandrin 416-243-5126

Hobby Room    learn more      
Peter Bahry  416-241-3907

Pickleball   learn more      

Scopa      learn more
Luciano Galiano   416-248-4750  

Table Tennis
Kam Chari   416-242-4912

Tennis     learn more
George McKend   416-249-0858
David Palk   416-742-8232
Kam Chari   416-242-4912

To learn about the rules of our recreational facilities click here.