photo credit: W.A. Weeks

Islington 2000/2010 is a luxury gated condominium complex in the Toronto west borough of Etobicoke, within easy distance of shopping, parks, highways,public transport and Pearson airport.

With only 6 suites on each floor, the dimensions are unusually spacious and the hallways are quiet. Residents enjoy many amenities including two pools, tennis courts, gym, party room, and more. Almost 10 acres of beautifully designed grounds surround one the most sought-after housing complexes in the city.

During the COVID-19 pandemic residents have maintained strict safety protocols.  Visitors are expected to wear masks and maintain social distance while in our common areas for everyone’s safety.

photo credit: W.A.Weeks

Assessing Risk

In this time of pandemic we often hear reference to higher-risk individuals. These are people who have are more likely to have poor outcomes from the virus because of poor immunity, lack of vaccination or medical vulnerability. 

As it happens there are a very large number of us falling into these categories.

For instance, those over 60 are at increased risk, as are pregnant women and those with Down syndrome. People with chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure are all at greater risk. As are all of us who are overweight! Anyone who is not vaccinated at least twice should certainly avoid contageon.

Here is information from the Government of Canada about higher-risk.

In the meantime, it is sensible for all of us, even those not medically compromised, to do our best to avoid spreading COVID-19. Avoid crowding, get a booster, wash your hands and wear a mask while indoors.


Standard Unit

A part of condominium living that owners frequently haven’t considered, or have forgotten, is the impact of the Standard Unit By-Law. If you haven’t already, you should take time read through the By-Law that describes a Standard Unit.

The  Standard Unit definition is rarely mentioned but it is essential in condominiums because the Corporation is deemed to be responsible for insuring only the items listed in the Standard Unit.  And that leaves the responsibilty  for insuring everything else to unit owners.

Any items within the unit which are not listed in the Standard Unit By-Law, are considered to be improvements to the unit, things like upgraded trim, any interior fittings and flooring improvements, for instance.  In the case of damage where the Corporation is liable, you can only expect replacement of the standard items as defined in the By-Law.  Replacing betterments like your beautiful hardwood flooring for instance, is up to you and your own insurance. All owners in the corporation are thereby reassured that their common expenses will not be held liable for undefined damage from an insurable event. The By-Law also deals with dispute resolution, maintenance and repair for items on the Standard Unit list.

MTCC-570 owners will find their Standard Unit definition in By-Law 8 on pages 92 – 99 attached to the Declaration and By-Law documents.

YCC – 531 owners will see a corresponding definition in By-Law 8 on pages 96 – 103 of their Declaration and By-Law documents.