The Condominium Authority of Ontario

The CAO is a not-for-profit organization designated by the Ontario government to administer delegated provisions of the Condo Act and its regulations. The CAO’s role is to support condo living by providing services and resources for condo communities and the general public. These include:

  • Offering information about condo living to condo owners, residents, and other members of the public;
  • Administering mandatory training for condo directors;
  • Hosting and providing access to several mandatory and optional condo forms;
  • Maintaining the CAO’s Public Registry, which contains and displays information filed with theCAO through returns and notices of change; and
  • Overseeing an online dispute resolution forum – the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT).

The CAT is an online tribunal that is authorized to resolve certain disputes primarily between condo corporations and owners. Part I.2 of the Condo Act and related regulations, including Ontario Regulation 179/17, set out certain provisions related to the CAT’s jurisdiction.

Currently, the CAT resolves certain disputes relating to:

  • the retention of and access to condo records.
  • condo corporation governing document provisions about:

o vehicles;
o pets or other animals;
o parking and storage; and
o indemnification or compensation of the condo corporation, owner or mortgagee related to the above-noted governing document disputes.

For more regarding the CAT, its function, and its jurisdiction, click here.