Both the indoor and outdoor pools are open, with restrictions because of COVID-19. There is a limit on the numbers allowed in the pool. When the lifeguard is on duty outside there may be 15 swimmers, On the pool deck the numbers are restricted to the number of chairs, which should not be moved. The indoor pool has a maximum of 5 swimmers at a time. Keep physical distance in mind at all times.

To use the pools

  • Bring and display your Amenity card
  • Wash hands thoroughly before you arrive
  • No reservation is required but there are restrictions on numbers, as above
  • Check in with the Security guard at the entrance gate to the pool area and answer the screening questions
  • Use the appropriate shower, in the change room or on the pool deck
  • For the indoor pool you will need to get a Security Pass Card from the security guard to open the change room door
  • Observe the decals on the ground directing flow of traffic and maintain physical distancing
  • Keep 2 metres apart when lining up to enter pool area and on the pool deck

After 2 hours

  • Upon leaving the indoor pool leave the Security Pass with the security guard
  • Hand sanitizer is on tables – use it and please sanitize any chair or table you have touched on the pool deck
  • If there is no line-up you are free to stay at the pool for extra time