Repeal & Enactment

  • REPEAL & ENACTMENT: The Board hereby repeals all other rules of the Corporation in force prior hereto and substitutes each of the superseding Rules set out herein, effective as of the date these Rules of the Corporation come into full force and effect.
  • EFFECTIVE: The Board has passed and enacted these Rules of the Corporation at a meeting of the Board duly called and held on the 26th day of June, 2014 in accordance with the requirements of s. 58 of the Act. A copy of these Rules and a Notice of these Rules was forwarded to each of the owners on the 25th day of August, 2014. These Rules come into effect and are enforceable in accordance with their terms on the 24th day of September, 2014 provided that in the event more than 15% of the owners of the Corporation who are entitled to vote requisition a meeting of owners in accordance with s. 46 of the Act, in order to approve, reject or amend any of these Rules, the Rules shall take effect and become enforceable only when approved or amended at the requisition meeting.