General Recreation Centre Rules

  • HOURS: The Recreational Facilities are generally open for use during the hours of 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. There are exceptions for several facilities and these are indicated in the sections dealing with them.
  • RESERVATIONS: Reservations may be required for the use of several facilities (Tennis, Squash, Racquetball, Pickleball, Basketball, etc.).
    Reservations may be made as follows:

    Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00 hours
    Property Manager 416-241-8575
    Monday – Friday 17:00 – 09:00 hours
    Gatehouse 416-241-2130
    Weekends & Holidays 00:00 – 24:00 hours
    Gatehouse 416-241-2130
    For reservations of the Party Room see the Party Room Section II of these rules.

  • RISK: Users of the Recreational Facilities are advised that the Recreational Facilities are at all times unsupervised and may be used only at the user’s risk. Safety precautions must be taken at all times to prevent injury or damage. We recommend that you check with your physician if there is any question about your health before participating in strenuous exercise activities.
  • NO SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Recreation Centre, or in any other indoor common element, at any time.
  • LIABILITY: Any Resident using the Recreational Facilities is fully liable for any damages, loss, expense or injury that he or she or any of their guests cause. Residents shall ensure that their visitors/guests comply with all Rules and Regulations.
  • GUESTS: Residents from any one suite shall have no more than six (6) Guests (Non-Residents) using any Recreation Facility at any one time. There are exceptions for the Barbecue Area (Section VIII), Party Room (Section II), Indoor Pool & Whirlpool (Section III) (Outdoor Pool (Section IV) and Exercise Room (Section IX).
  • IDENTITY: Residents shall carry their Resident Photo-Identification Electronic Access Card at all times and show it to a Security Officer upon request when using any Recreation Facility, and the card may be used only by the Resident whose photograph appears on the access card. Any representative of the Joint Operations Committee, the Manager, a security guard or staff may request proof of identity or proof of age from any person using the Recreational Facilities.
  • MISCONDUCT: To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment, running, excessive noise, nuisance, disturbance, fighting, yelling, immoral behaviour and general misconduct are not permitted.
  • PETS: Household pets of any kind, other than a trained service dog, are strictly prohibited in any of the outdoor or indoor Recreational Facilities.
  • BEVERAGES: No food, alcohol and/or other beverages (other than water in a plastic container) are permitted in any of the indoor Recreational Facilities, save and except the party room and when the Recreation Centre is used for a special condominium function.
  • SPECIFIED EVENTS & EXCLUSIVE USE: The Joint Operations Committee reserves the right to permit exclusive use of any of the Recreational Facilities for in-house group classes or for specified events of the Corporation in which the particular Recreational Facility will not be available for individual use during such period of time.
  • CLOSURE: Where all or part of the Recreation Centre, swimming pools, tennis courts or barbecue area is CLOSED for general use in order to accommodate special condominium functions, no one shall use all or that part of the Recreation Centre, swimming pools, tennis courts or barbecue area which is closed.
  • ACCESS: Under no circumstances shall a Resident provide a Photo-Identification Electronic Access Card to a non-resident to allow unaccompanied access to any Recreational Facility.
  • SPONSORED VISITORS: Holders of a Sponsored Visitor access card are NOT entitled to use any Recreation Facilities unless accompanied, at all times, by an adult Resident.
  • SIGNS: Residents and their guests shall comply with all requirements of any posted sign within the Recreational Facilities.
  • USE: Only a Resident and his or her permitted guests supervised by an adult Resident may enter or use any of the Recreational Facilities. A Resident sixteen (16) years of age or older is considered an adult for the purposes of these Rules, unless otherwise specified.
  • NUISANCE: No person shall cause excessive noise or any nuisance or disturbance as determined by the Manager or a security guard or a Member of the Joint Operations Committee. No live or broadcast music shall be allowed on the common elements without authorization of the Joint Operations Committee.
  • SUPERVISION: In the interests of the safety, security and welfare of children and residents, children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by, and under the supervision and responsibility of an adult.
  • ATTIRE: Appropriate attire (e.g. robe and slippers or other footwear) must be worn when moving between the Resident’s suite and the Recreation Facilities and the pool areas. Residents and their guests may use the locker rooms to change into sportswear appropriate for the Recreational Facility to be used.
  • SUSPENSION: Any member of the Joint Operations Committee, the Manager or a security guard of the Corporation who determines in his or her sole discretion that any person has breached any of these Rules or Regulations may require such person to forthwith cease doing so, or may require such person to leave the Recreational Facilities forthwith and not to return for 24 hours. Any person who breaches any Rule or Regulation of the Corporation within 1 year after having been given written notice of breach of any of these Rules may, in the sole discretion of the Joint Operations Committee be excluded from the Recreational Facilities for a period of not more than three (3) months on the first such occasion and for a period of not more than six (6) months on each occasion thereafter.
  • AVAILABILITY: A representative of the Joint Operations Committee, the Property Manager, or a security guard shall have the right to disallow, displace or remove participants of any group activity if the activity has not been properly organized or where no Resident has assumed proper responsibility. The Property Manager, a Security Guard, or a representative of the Joint Operations Committee has the right to determine the availability of facilities having regard to conflicting requests or if the activity is not consistent with the Condominium Act, the Declaration, By-laws, Rules and Regulations or Recreational Facilities Rules.
  • INDEMNITY: The Corporation, its officers, directors, residents, Committee members, the Manager, security guard and any staff or agents of the Corporation shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or expense and are indemnified and saved harmless by each Resident from any claim, action, cause of action, proceedings, claim, loss, damage, injury, expense, costs or demand of any nature or kind sustained by, caused by or arising with respect to any Resident(s) or guest(s) use of the Recreational Facilities or any equipment or items contained therein, accident, illegal activity or breach of any Recreational Facilities Rule or Rules and Regulations of the Corporation.
  • OFFICIAL NOTICES: Notices related to recreational or social ISLINGTON 2000 events, which are organized by Recognized Resident Groups, are posted on special notice boards in each building and in the Recreation Centre.
  • OTHER NOTICES: No other notices, billboards, signs or advertising matter of any kind shall be inscribed, painted, or affixed or placed on any part of the inside or outside of the building or recreation facilities whatsoever, without the prior written consent of the Joint Operations Committee.

    a) The Neighbour to Neighbour notice boards may be used by Residents to post non-commercial, non-political notices, or to advertise the Resident’s private sales items (e.g. parking units or lockers for rent, table for sale, etc.) and

    b) a separate notice board is in place in the Recreation Centre for excursions arranged by the Oasis Group.

  • CELL PHONES: The ringers on cellular phones shall be set at the lowest volume if such devices must be used in any recreation facility.