Raquet Sports and Basketball

  • NO SMOKING: No one shall smoke on any sports courts whatsoever, or Squash and Racquetball courts, or any indoor common elements.
  • HOURS – TENNIS/PICKLEBALL/BASKETBALL: The Tennis/Pickleball/Basketball courts may be used only between the hours of 07:00 and 21:00 hours.
  • HOURS – SQUASH: The Squash and Racquetball courts may be used from 05:00 until 24:00 hours.
  • ATTIRE: Proper attire must be worn when using the indoor and outdoor courts:
    a) Only recognized, non-marking, rubber-soled shoes are permitted. No one shall wear jogging or knobby-soled shoes, or other footwear that may damage the court surfaces.

    b) Swimsuits are not permitted to be worn on the courts.

    c) Protective eye wear is highly recommended during squash matches.

  • RESERVATIONS: Reservations are required for all racquet sports and basketball (see Rule I 02), and may be made up to seven days in advance. Please cancel unused reservations prior to time reserved.
    a) A reservation is for one court, for one hour, and will be held for 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

    b) If no other person has a reservation for the period immediately following such one-hour period, play may continue.

    c) The Resident shall state his/her suite number, desired court and time when making a reservation.

    d) Residents of any one suite may hold only two future court reservations at any one time.

    e) If the courts are not otherwise reserved for use, availability shall be determined on a first come first serve basis.

  • GUESTS: Residents from any one suite shall have no more than six (6). Guests using the courts at any one time, and shall accompany their Guests at all times when using any Recreation Facility.