Party Room Rules

  • PARTY ROOM AGREEMENT: Any Resident of a suite being at least eighteen (18) years of age and duly registered as such on the records of the Management Office (hereinafter called the “Licensee”) who wishes to use the party room shall complete and sign the Party Room Reservation Agreement attached hereto to as Schedule “G”. The Party Room may not be rented by non-residents, including non-resident owners.
  • RESERVATION: The Licensee shall submit the Party Room Reservation Agreement to the Manager together with the Party Room reservation fee referred to in paragraph 03, in order to receive the approval of the Manager at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance of use of the party room, or within such period of time as may be determined in the sole discretion of the Manager.
  • FEE: The Licensee shall pay a non-refundable rental fee for the use of the party room and its facilities, together with a refundable security deposit, in accordance with provisions set out in the Party Room Reservation Agreement.
  • GUEST LIST: The Licensee shall provide to the Security Gate House, at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of the function, a complete guest list naming the guests permitted to attend the Party Room function. Guests not shown on the guest list may be refused access to the building or the party room.
    The Licensee shall be responsible for admitting caterers or other suppliers delivering items prior to a private event.
    The Licensee host or representative may admit the Visitors invited to a private Party Room event into the building through the north entrance of the Recreation Centre. An intercom is located just outside the entrance door for use by Visitors to communicate with their host in the Party Room. The north entrance door of the Recreation Centre shall be kept closed, and shall be opened only by the Resident host or representative to admit such Visitors.
  • INSPECTION: Prior to commencement of the party room function, the Licensee shall attend with a Representative of the Joint Operations Committee at the party room, and shall complete an initial inspection in accordance with the form of Inspection Report attached to Schedule “G”. Upon termination of the party room function or at an appointed time within twenty-four (24) hours thereafter, the Licensee shall attend with a representative of Joint Operations Committee at the designated party room premises to complete a final inspection of those premises and shall complete the said Inspection Report. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to arrange for, and attend at, both the initial inspection and the final inspection. In the event the Licensee fails to do either or both, the designated representative of the Joint Operations Committee shall therefore complete either, or both, the initial Inspection Report and the final Inspection Report and such representative’s noted comments shall be deemed to be accurate and binding upon the Licensee.
  • SUPERVISION: The Licensee shall carefully monitor and supervise the behaviour of the Licensee’s guests and shall ensure that each of the guests attending the party room function shall comply with all the provisions set out in these Party Room Rules, and the requirements of any security officer during their attendance at the party room function and while on the common elements.
  • OBEY LAWS: The Licensee and guests shall comply with the provisions of the Act, the declaration, by-laws and rules, all federal, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, by-laws and ordinances and all authorities having jurisdiction with respect to any aspect of the party room function, the party room premises, the common elements of the Corporation or any of the activities conducted thereon.
  • TERMINATE FUNCTION: If in the opinion of the Manager, a security guard or a Director Member of the Joint Operations Committee, the Licensee cannot or will not control the behaviour of his/her guests, or if any aspect of the party room function is being conducted in breach of the declaration, by-laws, or rules, such Manager, a security guard or a member of Joint Operations Committee shall have full authority to terminate the function immediately and ask all persons to leave the premises, failing which the police may be called upon to enforce these provisions whereupon further use of the party room by the Licensee may be prohibited.
  • SOUND EQUIPMENT: No live entertainment, disc Jockey, live band, musical instruments, commercial sound equipment, microphone or P.A. system shall be permitted to be used in the party room except pursuant to written consent of Joint Operations Committee. Music shall cease at 1:00 a.m. The party room shall be cleared of people and power and lighting shall be shut off no later than 2:00 a.m.
  • NOISE NUISANCE: The Licensee shall not permit any noisy or rowdy behaviour, any nuisance or illegal act in or adjacent to the party room or upon the common elements, nor any behaviour which may disturb the quiet enjoyment of other Residents. Music shall be kept to a reasonable volume and bass level. All doors to the party room shall be kept closed while the party room function is in progress and such other measures shall be taken as required by any security guard to minimize noise or nuisance disturbances.
  • NO LOITERING: A reservation for the Party Room does not include the use of any other Recreation Facility or common element areas, except for the two washrooms located near the Management Office. No person participating in the party room function shall loiter in the hallways, recreational centre, parking areas, garages, walkways, landscaped areas or any other portions of the common elements. The Party Room function shall be confined to the Party Room.
  • ALCOHOL: The Licensee shall be responsible to ensure strict compliance with all laws and requirements pertaining to the serving and consumption of alcohol of any kind. The Licensee shall ascertain the need for, obtain and if necessary, post any permits, licenses or consents as may be required. The Licensee shall ensure that no illegal drugs are consumed by any person on the premises and that no alcohol is served to any minor person. The Licensee shall ensure that to the extent that is possible, any person who has consumed alcohol or substance on the premises in a manner which might impair such person’s abilities which might cause such person to breach any law, shall refrain from driving a vehicle away from the property of the Corporation. The Licensee shall make any arrangements necessary for the care of any ill, injured or intoxicated person. Any illegal possession of drugs or alcohol or apparently excessive consumption of alcohol may result in immediate cancellation of the party room function without any refund of the security deposit. No alcoholic beverages shall be served after 1:00 a.m. All empty glasses, bottles and dishes shall be returned to the bar or other designated area. No liquor, drinks or food shall be transported or consumed outside of the party room during the party room function.
  • INAPPROPRIATE USE: The licensee shall provide details of the planned use of the party room when submitting the Party Room Reservation Agreement as required by Rule II-02. The party room shall not be used for a commercial event, nor for any immoral or offensive use or any other use, as determined by the Joint Operations Committee to be inappropriate.
  • CAPACITY: The Licensee shall ensure that the number of persons using the party room does not exceed the capacity in respect of such designated party room and a Licensee agrees to comply with all Ontario Fire Code regulations and safety procedures including, but not limited to, maximum occupancy allowances.
  • ALTER FACILITIES: The Licensee shall notify the on-site Manager or Administrator if there is a need to bring additional furniture/equipment/facilities into the party room or to move or remove the existing furniture.
  • NO LIABILITY: Joint Operations Committee shall not be liable for any items lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen from a party room, common elements or any other area, or for any delay pertaining to the party room or party room function, or for any injury, illness, accident or death pertaining to any guests attending the party room function.
  • CLEANING: The Licensee shall clean and restore these facilities to their original order, no later than by 10:00 a.m. on the day following the Resident’s private event, and the Resident shall report to the Property Manager any breakage of Party Room furnishings, dishes, glassware, etc.
  • INDEMNIFICATION: The Licensee shall indemnify, save harmless and release the Joint Operations Committee, the Joint Operations Committees Representatives and Residents of, from and with respect to any liability, illness, injury, death, demand, damages, expenses, penalty, fine, or breach of any law, regulation, by-law, ordinance, the Party Room Reservation Agreement or any other legal regulatory obligation, suit, action, cause of action, proceeding, contract, legal costs on a full indemnity basis, or claim of any nature or kind affecting a person or property of any kind whatsoever arising from or pertaining to the use by the Licensee or any guest of the Licensee of the party room, the common elements, furniture, equipment, facilities, vehicles, personal property, food, alcohol, drugs, or any other matter, things or event whatsoever involving Joint Operations Committee related to the party room function, which indemnification and release shall survive any termination of use of the party room.
  • SECURITY DEPOSIT: The security deposit may be retained by the Joint Operations Committee in whole or in part as a result of any loss or expense suffered or incurred by the Joint Operations Committee or the Joint Operations Committee’s Representatives to clean, maintain, repair, replace or rectify the party room, common elements or contents or to recompense the Joint Operations Committee for any damage, defects, loss, breach of the Party Room Rules, breach of the Party Room Reservation Agreement, indemnification or expense incurred by the Corporation with respect to the party room, the common elements, furniture, equipment, facilities, units or personal property or vehicle of any Residents if such damage, defect, loss, breach, indemnification or expense was caused by the Licensee or those for whom the Licensee is responsible or occurred during the period between the initial inspection and final inspection. In the event no such damage, defect, loss, breach, indemnification or expense has been incurred, the security deposit shall be refunded to the Licensee within five (5) business days after completion of the final inspection. In the event the security deposit is insufficient to rectify any such damage, defect, loss, breach, indemnification or expense, the Licensee shall pay the amount of the shortfall promptly after receipt of the Joint Operations Committee’s invoice with respect thereto, and such amounts may be collected in the same manner as common expenses if not paid.
  • RECTIFICATION: The Licensee acknowledges that the Joint Operations Committee shall be entitled to clean, maintain, repair, replace, rectify, or be recompensed for any such damage, defect, loss, breach, indemnification expense to restore the premises to a first-class quality standard in a good and workmanlike manner using top quality labour and materials and matching existing finishes where applicable. The Joint Operations Committee shall be entitled to charge standard hourly rates for the cost of labour for each of the Joint Operations Committee(s) Representatives together with the cost of materials, or alternatively, the cost of labour, services and materials as provided by independent contractors together with the administration charge of 15% thereon.
  • EXCLUSIVE USE: The Joint Operations Committee may, from time to time, at its sole discretion, grant exclusive rights to the use of the whole or part of the Party Room, on a specified or recurring date and time, to a recognized, organized, resident group, provided that the activity of the group is open to any and all residents who wish to participate. During such specified times the whole or designated part of the Party Room shall not be available to residents for any other use. The use of the Party Room by such recognized resident groups is subject to the room being available at all times for an official condominium function or rental by a resident for a private function. The Joint Operations Committee reserves the right to revoke the exclusive use rights granted to a recognized resident group for some other purpose as may be determined by the Committee at its sole discretion.
  • NON-EXCLUSIVE USE: Residents may use the Party Room, excluding the Kitchen, without a reservation, on a non-exclusive basis unless the Party Room is booked for another function, provided that the Resident of any one suite has no more than six (6) Visitors present, providing that this use does not disturb the enjoyment of the room by others.
  • TELEVISION: When the Party Room is in use on a non-exclusive basis the decision as to what programs may be viewed on the TV shall be decided on a first come first serve basis. In the event that normal television programming is being watched by a Resident, then the Resident who arrived first shall have the use of such TV for a period of one (1) hour, or until the program is over.