Moving, Large Deliveries & Service Elevators

  • MOVING AGREEMENT: The Resident shall reserve the service elevator at least two days prior to the specified moving date and time, as confirmed by the Manager, provided that the service elevator shall be made available on a first-come, first-served basis. A Moving Agreement in the form attached hereto as Schedule “D” and the Service Elevator Inspection Report form attached hereto as Schedule “D” (each of which as may be amended by the Board from time to time, must be completed and signed by the owner and/or tenant of a unit and a security deposit, in a reasonable amount to be determined by the Board from time to time, must be provided to the Manager before a new Resident assumes occupancy of a unit or vacates a unit or in the event of any other move of bulky items. The Manager or Superintendent shall be entitled to use his/her discretion to require Residents to use the designated service elevator to move small loads of one or more bulky items. Each new owner and tenant shall complete Schedules “A”, “C” & “D” attached prior to first moving into a unit and before using the moving elevator, as required by Rule D 05 hereof and when a tenant is intended to occupy a unit, the owner and tenant shall each comply with each of the rules pertaining to Tenants.
  • BULKY ITEM: A bulky item shall consist of the following:

    i) any furniture, appliance, equipment, household effects, construction materials,

    any other kind of goods, materials, chattels, refuse or items of any nature or kind which exceed 1 metre (39 inches) in height, length or width, any item weighing in excess of 45 kilograms (100 pounds),

    any liquid, chemical, combustible, explosive, dangerous or hazardous product of any nature or kind provided that products normally designated for household use in small, sealed containers and quantities shall not constitute a bulky item.
    A dolly (cart) available at the entrances to the indoor parking area for residents may be used to move household shopping items and luggage to and from the resident’s automobile to the resident’s suite without requiring use of the service elevator for such non-bulky items, subject to prompt return of the dolly to the indoor parking entrance area. No combustible, explosive, dangerous or hazardous product of any nature or kind shall be transported through the common elements except with the prior written consent of the Manager and in accordance with all requirements of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • SERVICE ELEVATOR: No person shall place any bulky item in any elevator other than a designated service elevator. Prior to transportation of any bulky item from the move-in room, approved elevator pads must be properly installed in the service elevator. All bulky items shall be transported only in accordance with provisions set out in these Rules applicable to moving and the service elevator. All bulky items must be transported only through a designated loading area, move-in room and service elevator. No bulky item shall be transported through the main lobby of the Corporation. The Resident shall not permit blockage of any corridor, lobby, elevator or other portions of the common elements by any bulky item, persons or other items.
  • INSPECTION: Prior to use of the service elevator, the Resident shall attend with the Manager or other representative of the Corporation at the service elevator and upon the other portions of the common elements between the loading area, moving room, service elevator and the destination unit, in order to complete an initial Inspection Report in the form attached to and forming part of these Rules as Schedule “D”. Immediately upon completion of transportation of the bulky item, the Resident shall attend with the designated representative of the Corporation to complete a final inspection of the service elevator and pertinent portions of the common elements, whereupon they shall complete the final Inspection Report. It is the responsibility of the Resident to arrange for, and attend at, both the initial inspection and the final inspection. In the event the Resident fails to do either or both, the designated representative of the Corporation shall therefore complete either, or both, the initial Inspection Report and the final Inspection Report and such representative’s noted comments shall be deemed to be accurate and binding upon the Resident.
  • RESERVATION: The service elevator is available for use during the reservation hours based on Rules and Regulations as per Schedule “D”, but shall not be used for the transport of bulky items during any other hours except with the consent of the Manager or superintendent, determined in their sole discretion.
  • COMPLIANCE: The Resident of a suite shall ensure compliance by each Resident or any other person, firm or corporation responsible for delivery of a bulky item, with all requirements of these Moving and Service Elevator Rules, the provisions of the declaration, by-laws and rules of the Corporation and all other federal, provincial, municipal or other public ordinances, laws, by-laws and regulations, in connection with any aspect of use of an elevator or the transportation of a bulky item on the common elements of the Corporation.
  • RETURN ACCESS CARD: Any Resident moving out of any unit shall return to the Manager all electronic access cards and transponders which constitute the property of the Corporation.
  • NO LIABILITY: The Corporation shall not be liable for any items lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen from any of the common elements or for any injury, illness, accident, or death pertaining to use, by the Resident, delivery persons or others for whom the Resident is responsible, for the service elevator or other common areas of the Corporation. The Corporation and the Corporation’s Representatives shall not be held liable for any loss, costs or damages of any kind pertaining to any delay in availability of the loading area, move-in room, service elevator, corridors, facilities or any other common elements or facilities of the Corporation.
  • AVOID DAMAGE: Residents shall ensure that upon completion of delivery of any bulky item, the service elevator, loading area, move-in room, lobbies, corridors, floors, walls, ceilings, light fixtures, systems, doors, windows or any other part of the common elements are free of any damage, loss, defect, requirements for cleaning, maintenance, repair or replacement or expense caused by the Resident or those for whom the Resident is responsible. Residents shall ensure that all such areas are left in a clean and broom swept condition, free of any spots, stains or defects of any nature or kind arising from such delivery. All empty boxes, moving cartons and debris shall be dismantled and removed immediately from the common elements. No garbage, refuse or debris shall be left in any common area after a delivery has been completed.
  • CLEANING/DAMAGE LIABILITY: Where damage to the loading area, moving room, service elevator, hallways, doorways or any other part of the common elements or assets of the Corporation or any part of the common elements has been caused by the moving of any item into or out of a unit, the party responsible for such damage, the applicable Resident and the owner of the unit shall be jointly and severally liable to the Corporation for the cost of any required cleaning, litter removal, maintenance and repairs. Any affected area shall be cleaned, repaired or replaced to a first-class quality standard in a good and worker like manner using first-class quality labour and materials matching existing finishes. Such costs shall be assessed by the Manager as soon as possible following the move and the Manager’s decision in this regard shall be final and binding, subject to appeal to the Board. Such costs shall be deducted from the security deposit and in the event the costs exceed the amount of the security deposit, the applicable Resident and the owner shall reimburse the Corporation for all costs duly incurred. The Corporation shall be entitled to charge standard hourly rates for the cost of labour of the Corporation’s Representatives, together with the cost of materials and the Occupant and owner shall pay the Corporation the cost of labour and materials provided by independent contractors together with an administration charge of 15% thereof.
  • DELIVERY VANS: All moving vans and delivery vehicles are required to register the following information with the Security Gate House prior to any delivery or removal of any item from a unit or the common elements:

    driver’s name and company name, if any, and vehicle license number
    ii) name of owner and/or resident, unit number and building address;
    iii) arrival and departure time;
    iv) description of the size and nature of the item delivered or removed.