Maintenance Repairs & Alterations

  • MAINTAIN UNIT: Each owner shall maintain his or her suite and, subject to any provisions contained in the Act and the Corporation’s declaration and by-laws, each owner shall repair his or her suite and all improvements and betterments made or acquired by an owner after damage, all at his or her own expense except to the extent the damage is covered by the Corporation’s insurance.
  • DAMAGE: Subject to any superseding provisions contained in the Act or the Corporation’s declaration or by-laws, each owner shall be responsible for all damage to any and all other suites and to the common elements which are caused by the failure of the owner to maintain and repair his or her suite or which are caused by the negligence or wilful misconduct of its Resident, save and except any such damage to any suites and common elements to the extent the cost of required repairs may be recovered under any policy of insurance held by the Corporation.
  • CORPORATION REPAIRS UNIT: The Corporation shall undertake any maintenance and make any repairs that an owner is obligated to make pursuant to criteria set out in the Act or the Corporation’s declaration and which maintenance or repairs he or she does not make within a reasonable time. In such event, an owner shall be deemed to have consented to having repairs done to his or her suite by the Corporation and the owner shall reimburse the Corporation in full for the costs of such repairs, including any and all legal or collection costs incurred by the Corporation in order to collect such costs, and all such sums of money shall bear interest at the rate set out in the Corporation’s declaration or such other rate as the Board may, by resolution from time to time, approve. The Corporation may collect all such sums of money in such instalments as the Board may decide upon, which instalments shall be added to monthly contributions toward the common expenses of such owner, after receipt of a notice from the Corporation with respect thereto. All such payments are deemed to be additional contributions toward to the owner(s) common expenses and shall be recoverable as such.
  • PARTITIONING: No portion of any suite shall be partitioned or divided, nor shall any structural change be made to any of the structures of a suite nor shall any maintenance, repair, alteration, addition or improvement be made to any component of the common elements in any manner without the prior written consent of the Corporation and in compliance with all requirements of the Act, Building Code, Fire Code and all other legislation and municipal by-laws or standards, and the declaration, by-laws and rules of the Corporation, provided that owners shall be entitled to undertake non-structural renovations, maintenance and repair of their suites, and improvements and betterments of a decorative nature, without the Board(s) prior written consent.
  • ALTERATIONS: No Resident shall, without the prior written consent of the Board and subject to the provisions contained in the Corporation’s Permission to Renovate Form Schedule “F” (as may be amended from time to time), make or permit any addition, alteration, improvement, refurbishment or structural change in or to his or her suite or upon any common elements which involves a connection, installation, alteration, addition or change to or penetration of any common element component, facility, equipment or utility (including the removal and installation of a toilet, bathtub, washbasin, sink, heating, air-conditioning, plumbing or electrical installation contained in or forming part of his or her suite); or alter the exterior design or colour or any item on the exterior of his or her suite; or install any item upon the common elements or make any change to the common elements or an installation upon the common elements; or maintain, decorate, alter, repair, replace or place any item or install any structure upon any part of the common elements. Any such alteration affecting the common elements or any component, facility, system, equipment or utility contained therein, shall require the unit owner to execute a form of Owner’s Alteration Agreement subject to approval of the Board of the provisions contained therein, at the expense of the owner, subject to registration of the Owner’s Alteration Agreement on title to the unit, in accordance with the provisions set out in S. 98 of the Act. Notwithstanding the foregoing requirements to obtain Board permission for such additions, alterations, improvements, refurbishments or structural changes, owner are entitled, without obtaining Board permission, to decorate and are required to maintain the owner’s unit and to undertake maintenance of those parts of the common elements which the owner has the duty to maintain, or as permitted by any specific Rule, or subject to any Board-approved standardized Specifications with respect to any specific addition, alteration, improvement, refurbishment or structural change, without the prior consent in writing of the Board. In cases where the Board’s prior written consent is required, the Board may attach any reasonable condition to its consent, or the Board may, in its discretion, withhold its consent. In addition, see Rule C 12, Balcony.
  • FLOORING: Any addition, alterations, improvement, refurbishment or structural change involving flooring materials shall conform to the requirements of Rule B 15.
  • UPGRADES: Board approval for alterations which are clearly an upgrading or improvement to the unit shall not be unreasonably withheld, provided that the working drawings are submitted to the Board for approval, any trade person(s) engaged to do such work is certified by the appropriate provincial authority or is otherwise qualified and subject to any reasonable conditions and specifications required by the Board.
  • BALCONY FLOOR COVERING: No one shall install or place any floor covering on a balcony except for a tile installation approved by the board or a loose seasonal carpet, which shall be removed at the end of the season.