• INSURANCE: Subject to such criteria and requirements as may be set out in the Corporation’s declaration, and by-laws unit owners and tenants are strongly urged to obtain and maintain their own comprehensive all-risk condominium unit owner’s insurance policy, which policy of insurance shall contain a waiver of subrogation against the Corporation, the Corporation’s Representatives, other owners and any members of their household, except for vehicle impact, arson and fraud, providing full replacement cost insurance coverage with respect to any of the following listed items. As none of the following are covered by the Corporations’ coverage and as claims against the Corporations may be limited to reimbursement of deductibles, owners should obtain insurance with respect to:

    i) any additions, alterations, improvements or betterments made by the owner to his/her unit and to any of the Declarant’s Original Installations or the common elements, including exclusive use common elements;

    ii) contents insurance pertaining to furnishings, fixtures, equipment, decorating, art work, clothing, jewellery, furs and other chattels of the owner contained within the unit;

    iii) the owner’s personal property and chattels stored elsewhere on the property, such as in a locker or automobile;

    iv) loss of use and occupancy of his/her unit in the event of damage and the cost of additional living expenses incurred by an owner if forced to leave his/her dwelling unit as a result of a peril covered by the owner’s policy;

    v) the cost of special assessments levied against an owner-s unit by the Corporation;

    vi) contingent insurance, in the event the Corporation’s insurance is inadequate;

    vii) insurance coverage pertaining to any deductible amount for which the owner may become responsible, as referred to in the Corporation’s declaration or by-laws;

    viii) public liability insurance, covering any liability of the owner or any resident, tenant, invitee or licensee of such owner’s unit, to the extent not covered by the public liability and property damage insurance obtained and maintained by the Corporation;

    ix) other insurance coverage may be obtained as part of a comprehensive condominium owner(s) insurance package.