Hobby Room Rules

  • AGE: Residents under the age of eighteen (18) are not permitted to use the hobby room facilities and equipment.
  • WAIVER: A Registered User is a Resident of 2000/2010 Islington who has completed and signed a Release & Waiver form and paid the annual fee at the Management Office.
  • GUIDELINES: Each Registered User shall observe the Hobby Room Guidelines established by the Joint Operation Committee from time to time, and available at the Management Office.
  • CLOTHING: No Registered User shall bring equipment or wear clothing which may cause danger to anyone in the Hobby Room.
  • SAFETY: Each Registered User shall use safety equipment at all times, including safety goggles where necessary.
  • POWER EQUIPMENT: Only Registered Users may use the Hobby Room Tools & Equipment.
  • CLEANING: Each Registered User shall leave it clean and tidy after use. All scrap material shall be removed from the Hobby Room and placed into the bins located outside each building. Volatile or hazardous liquids and cleaning rags must not be left in the room at any time.
  • TOOLS: No tools, equipment, or material shall be left in the Hobby Room, unattended, for extended periods of time.
  • GUESTS: Guests using the Hobby Room must be accompanied at all times by a Registered User.
  • COMMERCIAL USE: The Hobby Room is not to be utilized for commercial purposes. Tools, equipment or material shall not be used for the purpose of (in- suite or off-site) renovations or repairs for which the Registered User will receive payment or remuneration.