Fire Safety

  • FIRE PROCEDURES: All Residents shall comply with the Emergency Fire Procedures more particularly set out in Schedule “H” attached hereto as may be amended from time to time.
  • RISK PREVENTION: No Resident shall do or permit anything to be done, or bring or keep anything in any unit or on or around any of the common elements, which will in any way:

    a) increase the risk of fire;

    b) increase the rate of fire insurance on any building or on the property kept therein or conflict with any insurance policy carried by the Corporation or by any Resident;

    c) conflict with any law, regulation or by-law relating to fire prevention, fire safety, requirements of the municipal Fire Department, the Ontario Fire Code or rules or ordinances of the Board of Health.

  • LINT TRAPS: As a fire prevention measure, each owner and resident shall remove the lint and other debris accumulating in the front and rear lint traps in any laundry drying machine on a regular basis, including dismantling and cleaning of the laundry dryer and the rear laundry dryer duct at least once every two years, or shall contract a qualified service person to do so. Failing this, the Corporation shall be entitled to hire a qualified service person to do so at the cost of the owner, which cost shall be added to the common expenses applicable to the owner(s) unit and may be collected in accordance with the lien provisions set out in the Act. If the Board in its sole discretion passes a resolution to undertake such work on a building wide basis as the duty of the Corporation to protect its residents and properties, such cost shall become a common expense of the Corporation.
  • LOCKERS: Nothing shall be stored within 18 inches of the ceiling in any locker. Lockers shall be kept locked at all times, except when the Resident is accessing it.
  • DISCONNECT DEVICE: Disconnecting ensuite fire alarm(s), smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire prevention equipment, annunciation speakers, window latches, automatic door closers or any other safety devices designed by the Board from time to time, is strictly prohibited and subject to fines pursuant to the Fire Code.
  • FIRE DEVICES: Residents are requested to carefully monitor any cooking or heating device when in use and should refrain from smoking when sleepy, to avoid chesterfield and bed fires (the most common cause of death by smoke and fire). Residents are encouraged to annually inspect and re-charge a general-purpose fire extinguisher (designated ABC) located in a handy location known to all Residents.
  • BBQs: No one shall use charcoal, electrical, or wood burning barbeques anywhere on the property.