Exercise Room Rules

  • RISK: Due caution must be used in the exercise room. Use of the exercise equipment shall be at the user’s own risk. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise regimen.
  • RESERVATIONS: Reservations may be required for certain pieces of exercise equipment, so identified, in the Exercise Room.
  • GUESTS: The Exercise Room and its equipment are solely for the use of Residents and not to exceed one (1) occasional guest.
  • ATTIRE: Proper attire must be worn at all times. Cut-off pants and bathing suits are not considered proper attire. Shirts and suitable gym shoes must be worn at all times, and a towel should be used where the body comes into contact with any of the equipment.
  • WEIGHTS: Weights must be returned to the racks after use.
  • CLEANING: All equipment shall be wiped down immediately after use with the cleaning solution provided.
  • AGE: Persons under the age of twelve (12) are not permitted to use the exercise facilities and the equipment. Persons older than twelve (12) years but less than sixteen (16) years of age must be accompanied by a parent or adult Resident who must be present to supervise at all times. The Exercise Room shall not be used as a playroom or babysitting facility.
  • SAFETY: All persons using the exercise equipment shall follow all appropriate safety precautions and procedures.
  • EAR PHONES/TV: Earphones shall be used when listening to a radio or similar device. The decision as to what program may be viewed on the television shall be decided on a first come first serve basis. The Resident who arrived first shall have the use of the television for the period of one hour or until the program is over, whichever is the sooner.