Common Elements

  • LOITERING/ATTIRE: Persons shall not loiter on the common elements or harass any other person(s) upon the common elements or cause a nuisance or disturbance, or perform any illegal or immoral acts, affecting the common elements or their use by others. Residents are required to wear shoes, shirts and other proper attire at all times when using hallways, entrances, elevators, stairs or other common elements of the Corporation.
  • ACCESS: Without the consent in writing of the Board, no Resident shall have any right of access to those parts of the common elements used from time to time as utility areas, building maintenance, storage areas, operating machinery, generator, transformer, sprinkler, boiler or machinery rooms, superintendent(s) suite, lockers or parking units designated for the sole use of other Residents, or any other parts of the common elements where use is restricted for the care, maintenance, or operation of the property or for the exclusive use of other Residents. The Manager(s) office may be accessed during its normal business hours only, for the efficient conduct of the Corporation’s business.
  • INGRESS: The sidewalks, entries, passageways, walkways, driveways and any other common elements shall not be obstructed by any Resident or used by him or her for any purpose other than for ingress and egress to and from his or her unit. Residents shall use the paved walkways when entering or leaving the building and shall not travel across lawns or landscaped areas to reach another destination.
  • LANDSCAPING: No one shall mutilate, destroy, damage, alter or litter any landscaping or any other part of the common elements, including, without restriction, any trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers, lawns, flower beds, walkways, interior common areas of the buildings and other portions of the common elements.
  • SPILLS: Residents and Visitors shall inform the Management Office or Gatehouse who will apprise the Superintendent of any spills or undue untidiness in the elevators or lobbies. Anyone responsible for any spill or mess on the common elements must remove it and clean it up immediately. If unable or unsure of the best method to do so, the person responsible must advise the Management Office or Gatehouse immediately. The cost of cleaning stains caused by a Resident or Visitor while transporting food items to the Party Room or the Barbeque Area will be charged back to the unit Owner.
  • TIDINESS: No mats, overshoes, rubbers, boots, carriages, or other objects whatsoever, shall be left outside suite entrances or on any part of the common elements. Residents shall not use the hallways to store any items; all bicycles shall be parked in the garage in accordance with Rule M 24. The Corporation and the Corporation’s Representatives shall not be responsible for the theft, damage or loss of any articles left on the common elements or any area designated from time to time.
  • BUILDINGS & OBJECTS: No building, shed, structure, clothes drying apparatus, awning, installation, equipment, fixture, tent, trailer, recreational or commercial vehicle or any other object shall be placed, located, affixed to, kept or maintained on the common elements, except for those objects placed, located, kept or maintained on the common elements with the prior consent of the Board that may be required for the use, enjoyment, maintenance and repair of the common elements or suites.
  • ALTERATIONS: No alteration, addition or improvement shall be made by any Resident which would alter or change the outside appearance of the building in any way. No Resident shall make any change or alteration to, or place or affix any installation upon, any part of the common elements (including any exclusive use common elements), or any of the Corporation’s assets, fixtures or attachments thereto, nor shall any Resident maintain, decorate, alter or repair any part of the common elements, or attach any item to or hang it upon the exterior of any door or the interior or exterior of any window, except as provided in Rule C 09 below, unless such alteration, change, installation, maintenance, repair or decoration is approved pursuant to the prior written consent of the Board and performed in compliance with all requirements of the Act, the Building Code, Fire Code, and all other legislation and municipal by-laws or standards, and the declaration, by-laws and rules of the Corporation.
    a) No one shall make modifications to the exterior surface of any suite/locker entrance door as per B10.

    i) No one shall attach any items to the exterior of any suite/locker entrance door, other than a reasonably-sized door knocker, and/or an additional/replacement lock which conforms to the standard building style.
    ii) Seasonal decorations may be attached to a door at Easter, Passover, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc., and shall be removed immediately following the event.
    iii) Nothing may remain year-round on the exterior of the entrance door to any suite or locker, other than the suite number, peephole, door handle, lock installed by the Corporation, and a reasonably-sized door knocker.

    b) Each Resident shall ensure that the suite entry door is equipped with a properly functioning door closer in accordance with Fire Regulations.

    c) No one shall install or maintain weather stripping on the top, bottom or side of the suite entry door or frame with the exception of a small strip to assist proper closure.

    d) No one shall install an air conditioning unit.

  • AERIALS & STRUCTURES: No television antenna, satellite dish, aerial, tower, or any other structure or object shall be erected on, left upon or fastened to or permitted to penetrate any of the common elements (including exclusive use common elements) or the exterior of any unit, except as approved in the sole discretion of the Board pursuant to the Act and the Corporation’s declaration.
  • SPORTS: Roller-skating, roller-blading, skateboarding, bicycle riding, any sports activities, roughhousing, running, fighting, and any other similar activities are prohibited inside the buildings and on any of the common elements which are not intended specifically for this purpose. Residents must conduct themselves properly and walk while inside the building and on the common elements, with exception of persons with disabilities and in need of mobility assistance devices such as wheelchairs.
  • BALCONY: No balcony, terrace or patio, whether common element or exclusive use common element, shall be used in such a way as to cause harm, nuisance or discomfort to other Residents, the Corporation’s Representatives or members of the public. Only seasonal furniture, which is sufficiently heavy or well-secured to avoid being blown away, shall be permitted on balconies, patios and terraces. No barbecue, cooking appliance, furniture, flag, any item which can be expected to cause damage due to rust, leaking, staining or any other nuisance, shall be placed on a balcony, terrace or patio, or shall be affixed to any wall, window, floor, ceiling or railing thereof (except for the display of the National Flag of Canada provided it is displayed in accordance with flag protocol set out by the government of Canada and does not otherwise cause harm, nuisance or discomfort in its installation or display). No liquid, garbage, debris or any item shall be thrown or allowed to fall from any balcony or terrace. Upon written request by the Board, the suite owner shall remove all items from the balcony on a timely basis to permit the Corporation to carry out any maintenance or repairs the Corporation may decide to undertake. No alterations, additions, enclosures, partitions or installations shall be made to a balcony, terrace or patio common element area and no carpets or other floor coverings shall be installed upon the floors of balconies or other common element areas, unless permitted in accordance with specifications established by the Board. Owners shall comply with all requirements published by the Board from time to time pertaining to protection of balcony structures and other common elements components.
  • SMOKING: The Smoke Free Ontario Act states that no person may smoke in any interior common elements of the Corporation’s building. No person shall dispose of cigarette or cigar butts on any part of the common elements.
  • CHRISTMAS TREES: Only artificial, non-flammable and non-shedding Christmas trees are permitted in the suites or any interior common element. Natural Christmas trees are prohibited due to the fire risks and clean-up costs associated with their use.
  • RESTRICTED ENTRY: While entering or exiting, Residents shall not permit anyone into the building whom the Resident does not know to be an owner or resident.
  • PLANTS: No plant, vine, bush, shrub, tree, flora, furniture, chattel, fixture or any other item on any exclusive use balcony, patio or exclusive use common elements appurtenant to any unit shall exceed 7 feet in height (with the exception of the Penthouse terrace) or shall encroach upon any other unit and shall be properly cleaned, maintained and groomed by the owner of the appurtenant unit at all times. All plants located on any balcony or patio shall be potted and all items shall be located inside any railings / balustrade or exclusive use area. Any plant, vine, bush, shrub, tree, flora and other item shall be removed by the owner of the appurtenant unit if, in the sole discretion of the Board, any such flora or item creates a hazard or nuisance, or detracts from the exterior appearance or integrity of the building(s) architectural and conceptual design, or interferes with the quality of a neighbour’s environment, or causes an excess load, damage or an impediment to the proper maintenance and repair of the common elements or any unit. No Resident shall place any object on the roof of the building or go to the roof for any purpose whatsoever, without written approval of the Board.