Barbecue Area Rules

  • SMOKING: No one shall smoke in the barbecue area at any time.
  • CIGARETTES: No one shall throw butts on the ground, walkways, lawns or flower beds.
  • ATTIRE: Appropriate attire and footwear shall be worn when using the barbecue area. Bare torsos or swimsuits without cover-ups are not permitted in the barbecue area.
  • AVAILABILITY: The barbecue area and other outdoor Recreation Facilities are available for use only during the months, or part thereof, as determined by the Joint Operations Committee and notified to the Residents.
  • HOURS: The barbecue area may be used from 09:00 to 24:00 hours, unless it has been set aside for an official condominium function. When the Barbecue Area is CLOSED for an official condominium function, notices will be posted to advise Residents.
  • HOURS: No one shall light a barbecue after 21:30 hours.
  • SETTING TABLES: Tables required for an evening barbecue meal may not be set before 14:00 hours, except as described in item 8 below, in order to provide lunch time barbecuers with an equal opportunity to choose their favourite tables.
  • LARGE GROUPS: Only those tables required for an evening meal for a party of twelve (12) or more persons from any one suite may be set prior to 14:00 hours.
  • GUESTS: The Barbecue Area is the only Recreation Facility (aside from the Party Room when rented for a private event) where Residents from any one suite are permitted to have more than six (6) Guests at any one time. The maximum number of persons permitted to comprise a single barbecue party regardless of the number of Suites involved is:

    Monday – Friday: 20 persons (including Resident(s))
    Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays: 12 persons (including Resident(s))

  • RESTRICTIONS: Any barbecue party comprising twelve (12) or more persons (maximum twenty (20)), shall leave at least two (2) barbecues free, at all times, for use by other Residents.
  • CLEANING BBQs: After cooking, barbecuers shall turn OFF the barbecue(s) and clean the grills and counters; brushes are provided.
  • CLEANING TABLES: Prior to leaving the Barbecue Area, users shall clean their tables and chairs, and place all refuse into the receptacles provided. Bottles shall be placed in the recycling bin provided.
  • CONCERN FOR OTHERS: Residents shall not disturb others, or permit anything to be done by the Visitors, while in the Barbecue Area or any other Recreational Facility, or bring anything therein, which in the opinion of the Joint Operations Committee or the Property Manager interferes with the quiet enjoyment of others who are in the barbecue and pool areas, or in their suites. The use without headphones of radios, tape decks, and any other sound devices is not allowed except in the event of an official condominium function.