• Your first call in a personal emergency is 911.
  • If it concerns the building or grounds, call the management office. The back-up for the management office is our building superintendents. If the management office is closed and the superintendent is off duty, phone the gate house (416-241-2130) to find who or what the back-up is under emergency circumstances.
  • If all else fails, try the general property management emergency number (416-245-4005).

Fire Safety  (What to do if the Alarm Sounds)

Very Important: Please do not tie up the lines to the management office and the gate house by telephoning. Information and instructions will be provided through the P.A. system.

Information about fire safety is contained in Schedule H: Occupant Fire Procedure.  Please read this document and be familiar with its contents.


  • Access to our garages and other areas is best limited by us – we residents who ensure the doors close after using them. Caution: do not open, or hold open doors to permit someone you do not know into the building. 
  • A security guard patrols our property, including our surface and underground parking areas, the two towers, as well as the indoor and outdoor recreation facilities. The patrol hours Monday through Friday are from 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. every day. On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, patrol hours start at 10:00 a.m. and continue through to 5:00 a.m. the following morning. You can help by carrying suitable I.D. with you at all times as new guards can’t be expected to recognize all 600 of us in just a few weeks.The patrol guard is available to escort you between your car and the building. Simply contact the gate house as you drive by, or phone (416-241-2130) and let them know when and where you’d like to be met.
  • Elevators:  There is an emergency button located at the bottom of the control panel in each cab. Just push it and you will be able to talk directly with security. We do have an emergency power system to provide power for key equipment, including one elevator, should Hydro’s service be interrupted. In the case of a blown fuse, however, even the emergency power system will be unable to provide lighting in an elevator – a rather scary experience to say the least.  Please familiarize yourself with the location of the elevator emergency button.
  • The Gate House:
    *    Expecting a ride somewhere? Have you ordered a cab, or is a friend coming to collect you? If you plan to wait in the lobby or elsewhere away from your phone, please let security know, and let them know just who’s coming. If you can’t be reached when your cab or friends arrive, they’re likely to be refused entry to our grounds. And you could be waiting in the lobby indefinitely.
    *   It’s also a good idea to let security have a list of the guests you’re expecting when there’ll be a large number. It saves you from being interrupted regularly by security as you’re trying to greet the guests who’ve already arrived in your suite, and it reduces the number of calls security needs to make, allowing everyone – visitors and residents alike – faster access to our grounds.
    *   If you are having a private function in the party room and wish your guests to proceed directly there ask security to direct them to the outside entrance to the recreation centre where there is a call box connected to the party room.
    *   You should advise all your invitees to provide on arrival at the gate house their name(s), your name and your suite number.


Prior to using, call 911.

There are four defibrillators in the complex.  They are  in 2010 Islington on P1 to the right as you leave the elevator, and also on the 18th floor, in the 2000 building, and in the recreation centre. Please familiarize yourself with their locations.
When the case is opened an alarm sounds. Instructions are included with each defibrillator.