New Residents’ First Steps

We suggest that you familiarize yourself fully with all the facilities in our buildings and around  our grounds that you can now share and enjoy.

  • A resident access/identity card (red) will be issued to you by the management office. In addition to providing access to both the 2000 and 2010 buildings these cards are necessary to use the recreation centre. A replacement card would require a $40 deposit and $20 would be refunded upon return of the card.  And smile . . . your photograph will appear on your access card.
  • A sponsored visitor’s access card (green for family and friends) and (blue for a contractor, health care or trades person) requires the owner/resident to sign an application form. The sponsored visitor must then have a picture taken at the management office. This card permits access to the main entrance of the building only.
  • Register your car(s) with the management office. Affix the transponders you receive in the manner instructed by the management office. Residents’ cars, with or without transponders, may not be parked overnight in the visitor parking lots.
  • Please approach the garage door with caution. Wait until the vehicle ahead has entered and the garage door has closed before approaching in your vehicle to activate (using your transponder) opening the door for your car. This procedure is absolutely necessary to ensure that your vehicle and the garage door are not damaged.
  • An early caution – window draperies or blinds are to be of a neutral colour, or are to be fully lined with a white or off-white material. Please, no bright colours on your windows visible from the exterior of the building.
  • And please, do not shake your mops or dusters out over the balcony or windows, and don’t drip water, or let cigarette butts or anything else fall from your suite onto those below.
  • Barbecuing is not permitted in your suite or on your patio or balcony. We have a wonderful area for that by the outdoor pool. We even supply the barbecues!
  • Also, don’t park in any of the fire routes. Please tell your visitors that the police do issue tickets to cars illegally parked on our grounds.
  • We have a smoke-free environment. Smoking is prohibited in the indoor common elements of both buildings, including the garage. Cigar and pipe smoking is also prohibited in the outdoor pool and barbecue areas. Residents of 2010 Islington are permitted to smoke inside their suites, taking care to avoid allowing odours to annoy neighbours. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the 2000 Islington building.