Garbage & Recycling


It is the responsibility of the owner or resident to ensure that all refuse and debris is immediately disposed of in the proper manner.

Your installers, contractors and service personnel must remove all construction material, old carpets, appliances, and packing crates from the property. Alternatively, provided you have first made arrangements with the management office, large appliances may be left on the loading dock outside the recycling room for pick up by the city.

Nothing may be left on the floor in the disposal rooms located on each floor, or the recycle room floor or beside the garbage bins on the loading dock. Do not throw large bulky items down the garbage chute. Large bulky items which are not recyclables may be thrown in the brown steel bin located on the loading dock behind the building.

Corrugated cardboard cartons must be cut-up, collapsed, and put into the special steel blue bin on the loading dock. If a carton is too large to be disposed of in this way it must be removed from the property.


Each suite is provided with a small beige and white container for the collection of organic material, which is then emptied into the large green steel container outside on the loading dock. Organic materials make up approximately 30% of our garbage and will therefore reduce our overall volume-based fee.


There is a large slot for recyclable material in the Recycling Room. As well, three small bins are available in the same area for printer ink cartridges, plastic bags and household batteries. Please contact the Management Office for an information sheet as to what materials are to be recycled.

We cannot emphasize enough the need to recycle carefully. It is not only beneficial for the environment but it also reduces your corporation’s costs. No recyclable material should be disposed of as waste/garbage, since the City of Toronto charges us for waste handling based on volume.