Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America today. More & more people are playing; young and old getting involved and indeed having loads of fun. The game of pickleball can help you stay active and healthy while providing endless hours of social entertainment, fun, and enjoyment.

Pickleball is traditionally played on a badminton-sized court with special Pickle-ball paddles, made of wood or high-tech aerospace materials. The ball used is similar to a wiffle ball, but slightly smaller. The lower net and wiffle ball allow the game to be accessible to people of all ages and abilities, while still allowing more competitive players to test their mettle.

Pickleball is a game for the whole family. So it’s only fitting that it was invented by a family. The game got its start back in 1965, in Bainbridge Island, just a short ferry ride away from Seattle, WA . When Congressman Joel Pritchard and his buddies came home from a game of golf one day to find their kids bored and restless, they set out to create a game that would engage them through the lazy days of summer. Legend says that The Pritchards had a cocker spaniel named Pickles, who became interested in this new game. Whenever a ball would come his way, he would take the ball and run off with it, because you see, it was Pickle’s ball.

And that, apparently, is how the game got its name.

Tennis court #3 has a second set of orange lines. They are for pickleball.