Bridge at Islington 2000

Many new residents who are Bridge players have moved into our complex in the last few years, and we would like to welcome them to join us on any one or all of the three nights when Bridge is played.

On Monday and Tuesday nights our Bridge style is very informal, and as we do not play in fixed partnerships it is a good way to socialize with your neighbours.

Thursday night Duplicate Bridge is played with fixed partnerships.

If you haven’t played Bridge for a while there is no need to be defensive. We will help you get up to speed with your game and have a good laugh about it.

The weekly schedule is as follows:

Monday night Bridge 7.15 pm
Tuesday night Bridge 7.15 pm
Thursday night Duplicate Bridge 7.00 pm

If you are interested in joining one of the above groups please contact Esther Byone in the Management Office, and she will put you in contact with the person organizing the Bridge night in question.