aquafitness-y-osteoporosisOne of the longest running activities at Islington 2000 takes advantage of our beautiful indoor pool facilities.

The aquabics group gathers at 10 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for an hour of exercise in the pool.   In each session are exercises for warming up the muscles, then aerobics, stretching, flexibility and cooling down exercises.  Our exercises address the often forgotten small muscles too.  As you probably know, exercising in water means less stress on joints while providing gentle resistance.

The group is led by its members.  We most often turn to Wynn to lead us but when she’s not available others can step in.  Our exercises are printed on display cards in case we need help to remember them.

The 10 am time slot is one that everyone agrees is just right – waking our muscles up for the day, without being too rigorously early.  And best of all, we don’t get our hair wet!

Join us for aquabics, stay fit and have fun.