Every year we look forward to July 1st and the best outdoor party of the year.  Again this year the residents of Islington 2000/2010 were eager to join the festivities. Even though there were some ominous signs in the weather forecast, everyone formed a line at 5:30, got a name tag and found a table. All expectations were positive for a great evening.

With very little warning, the storm blew in just as we stood up to sing the anthem. And the storm kept on and on, with driving rain and thunder. We all tried to wait it out but eventually the issue of food became pressing.

The social committee made the decision to set up a serving table in the fireside lounge and invited us to take our food to eat indoors, or if we could find shelter under a gazebo, to go back outside to eat.  And it all turned out fine.

Our social committee had planned and worked for long weeks to make everything perfect – then were forced to pivot and come up with a new plan. They showed tremendous grace under pressure and set the tone for everyone else to be flexible and amenable. The committee is Kam Chari, Mary Daversa, Santina Fasciani, Valerie Fiachetti, Gina and Luciano Galiano and Angelica McGowan. We are so grateful to each of them, and to all others who volunteered on the day. It was a Canada Day party to remember!