Grounds Committee – JOC

The Grounds Advisory Committee helps JOC in with policies and plans for the maintenance, preservation and enhancement of our external assets.


The committee consists of the property manager and two directors from each board.  Other directors may attend for information purposes. This is a standing committee with a term of one year that meets frequently as required to fulfill its mandate and reports in a timely way to the JOC.

The mandate is defined as follows:

1. Advise and make recommendations to the JOC for the development and maintenance of our landscaping, gardens and grounds, including research and assessment of contractors’ and owners’ suggestions, and coordination into an overall, long-term plan.

2. Submit an annual budget to the JOC for improvement and maintenance of the grounds.

3. Be prepared to review and recommend to the JOC the specifications and content of any existing or proposed contract for landscape, garden and grounds maintenance.

4. The manager will be responsible for the direct management of all work contracted on behalf of the corporation.

5. Only the directors on the committee along with the property manager will deal with financial matters and any discussion with contractors.

6. As required, create ad hoc sub-committees and/or advisory resident committees to address special projects.