Water leaks in your suite can lead to costly damage. Toilets can leak slowly in a rarely used washroom. Your washing machine or dishwasher can unexpectedly release water. The pipes under your kitchen sink can erode over time and cause a leak. Suddenly you have an urgent problem. 

Water leaks are particularly troublesome in a condominium because water will always flow downward potentially damaging lower suites too. You will be responsible for this damage so be sure your insurance policy reflects this added liability for any expenses incurred.

Wise condominium owners can do a few things to avoid costly water damage. Every adult should be familiar with the shut-off valves throughout the suite (under sinks, beside washing machines, under toilets) and know how to turn them off in an emergency.  Check each to see if they work properly so that in the off position there is no more water flow. These valves can become faulty over time and should be repaired by a plumber in case you need to turn off the water.

Consider investing in some water leak alarms. These are small devices that you can place out of sight behind toilets, near washing machines or under sinks. They detect water and give an alarm. There are smart water detector alarms that send a notification to your smart phone app, even when you are away from home.