Now that COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted by the Ontario government we are expected to monitor our own risk for each situation. If the situation is indoors, or outdoors, or well-ventilated the risk is different. If we wear a mask sometimes, all the time or never the risk is different.

We can be fully vaccinated but experience has taught us that the virus can be transmitted even to vaccinated individuals, and each of us has a different health profile. How are we to judge the risk of each outing or event?

The National Institute on Aging with the support of the Canadian government has published a questionnaire-like risk calculator that you can use whenever you have to decide whether you should  attend an event or put yourself in a particular situation. When you have answered all the questions you will arrive at a personal assessment of the risk.

My COVID-19 Visit Risk Calculator

In addition to this precaution, you can take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) just before heading out for extra reassurance that you won’t pass the virus to others.¬† For the sake of your health and your neighbours, as well as the capacity of our health system, please take care!