This week both corporations held annual meetings. AGMs are designed for the board to report to owners on matters such as the financial health of the condo corporation. The business of both meetings consisted of:

  • Approval of the minutes of the previous AGM;
  • Review of year-end audited financial reports;
  • Selection of the condo corporation’s auditor for the next fiscal year;
  • Report of the board of directors regarding matters like past performance;
  • Major upcoming projects (e.g., repairs or renovations), potential by-law changes and ongoing issues; and
  • Election of directors

Each Board welcomed a new director. Thank you to Brigitte DeBattista (YCC531) and Tony Primerano (MTCC570) for stepping forward to serve as directors. The conscientious work of those who serve as directors is essential to the wellbeing of our condominium corporations.

At the same time we recognize the many years of volunteer service by our retiring directors, Kam Chari (YCC531) and Tony Lecce (MTCC570). A very sincere thank you!