The COVID-19 pandemic has not been conquered, although it is no longer considered an emergency. Heading into the fall of 2023 there has been an slight uptick in hospitalizations, positive tests and other indicators of virus activity in Canada. Kelly Grant has a good article in The Globe and Mail this week about how Canadians might be prepared.  Public Health Ontario is a source of current data in our province.

We have been lucky at Islington 2000 that Toronto Public Health has brought vaccination clinics to our recreation centre. Many residents have found this a great convenience. Watch for signs about the next clinic, especially if you are past the 6 month recommended interval for a booster.

Planning to attend an indoor event? Check in with this risk assessment tool beforehand, especially if you or family members are vulnerable. Be mindful of air quality – keep the air moving when sharing space with others.  There’s no harm in wearing a mask, and it’s wise to keep one handy. An N95 mask is an effective physical barrier in case you or your friends are infected.

A final word: if you are sick – stay at home!