• PERMISSION TO RENOVATE: When planning in-suite renovations involving plumbing, electrical wiring, flooring, or re-positioning and/or cutting through walls, the Resident shall provide to the Property Manager the details and/or drawings of the proposed project, and shall obtain written approval of the Corporation, by completing SCHEDULE “F” – Request For Permission To Renovate prior to starting any work. Any required building permits shall be the responsibility of the Resident.
  • CONTRACTORS: No Contractor, or trades personnel, shall be admitted onto the property to perform any work in or about any unit or “exclusive use” common element (e.g. balcony/patio), unless:

    a) The Contractor is employed directly by the Corporation; or

    b) The Contractor is employed by a Resident, provided:

    i) The Resident has visited the Management Office, and completed and signed SCHEDULE “F” – Request For Permission To Renovate in such form as the Board may determine from time to time; and provided:

    ii) The Resident has received the Corporation’s written permission to renovate, and provided:

    iii) The Property Manager has filed a copy of the approved SCHEDULE “F” at the Gate House, without which Contractors shall not be granted access to the property; and provided:

    iv) The Resident has agreed (on SCHEDULE “F”) to indemnify the Corporation with respect to any expenses, damages, or costs incurred by the Corporation as a result of the work performed by the Resident or Contractor or service personnel, including any damage to the common elements or to common building services arising during or following completion of the renovation work. Any such expenses, damages and costs in excess of the Damage Deposit may be collected by the Corporation from the suite Owner in the same manner as Common Expense Assessments.

  • CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS: Renovation-related activities must be conducted with due consideration of fellow residents and neighbours, as provided for in Rule A 03.
  • NOISY ACTIVITIES: Noise-producing activities (e.g. hammering, operating power tools) are permitted within the suites and lockers subject to applicable laws and municipal by-laws, and only between the following hours:

    Monday – Friday:
    09:00 – 17:00 hours
    Saturday 10:00 – 16:00 hours
    Sunday & Holidays No noise permitted
  • NOISE-FREE ACTIVITIES: Noise-free renovation-related activities (e.g. painting, wall papering, plastering, etc.) are permitted within the suites and lockers between the following hours:

    Monday – Saturday:
    09:00 – 17:00 hours
    Sunday & Holidays: 10:00 – 17:00 hours
  • SERVICE ELEVATOR: The Resident shall book the Service elevator and arrange with the Management Office for protective padding when planning to transport renovation tools, equipment and materials to and from the suite.

    a) The date and time for the use of the service elevator shall be booked with the Property Manager, with as much advance notice as possible.

    b) The service elevator shall be assigned on a first-come-first served basis.

  • DELIVERIES/REMOVALS: Delivery or removal of renovation tools, equipment, materials, and/or refuse must be made through the building’s side entrance, and is permitted only between the following hours:

    Monday – Friday:
    09:00 – 17:00 hours
    Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00 hours
    Sunday & Holidays: Prohibited at any time
  • DAMAGE DEPOSIT: The Resident shall pay the damage deposit when booking the service elevator to defray the cost of repairing any damaged common elements caused by the renovation, in the amount determined from time to time by the Joint Operations Committee. The damage deposit will be returned after completion of the renovation project. The damage deposit may be used to defray any costs incurred by the Corporation for disposal of renovation or moving-related materials and refuse which has been left by a Resident or resident’s Agent in the Corporation’s bins or anywhere on the common elements.
  • INSPECTIONS: Prior to putting the elevator “On service” and taking it “Off service”, the Superintendent and the Resident or designated representative shall inspect the elevator and other relevant common elements, take note of any existing/resulting damage, and secure the Resident’s signature on SCHEDULE “F”.
  • USE OF ELEVATOR: On completion of the delivery/removal of renovation tools, materials, and/or refuse, the Resident shall notify the Property Manager (or the Gate House between 17:00 – 18:00 hours), so that the relevant common elements can be inspected for damage and the elevator taken “Off service”.
    a) The elevator shall not remain “On service” for more than one hour at a time, except for household moves.b) As soon as the renovation tools and materials have been brought into the suite, the Resident shall notify the Property Manager to inspect the relevant common element areas and to take the elevator “Off service”.
    c) The Resident or Contractor shall obtain and use wheeled (rubber or other protective) bins to transport renovation materials to the suite. Such materials shall remain inside the suite until they are removed from the building and property.

    d) If the elevator is required to be put “On service” to remove renovation materials from the suite, the Resident shall make the necessary arrangements with the Property Manager.

  • REFUSE: The Resident or Contractor shall remove all renovation materials and refuse from the building and property as soon as it leaves the suite (e.g. plaster, carpet remnants, containers, mattresses, appliances, etc.). Such removals are permitted only during the following hours:

    Monday – Friday:
    09:00 – 17:00 hours
    Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00 hours
    Sunday & Holidays: Prohibited at any time
  • RULES/CONTRACTOR: The Resident shall ensure that the contractor adheres strictly to the Corporation’s rules regarding Renovations.