Billiard Room and Activity Room

  • GUESTS/AGE: The Billiard Room and Activity Room are strictly for the use of Residents and occasional guests. Residents from any one suite shall have no more than six (6) Guests at any one time in the Billiards Room, and shall not use more than one billiard table at any one time. Under no circumstances are persons under the age of sixteen (16) permitted to use the pool table unless supervised by a Resident adult who shall be held responsible for good conduct.
  • RESERVATIONS: The reservations may be required for the Billiard Room. If the Billiard Room is not reserved, availability should be determined on the first-come-first-served basis.
  • NOT PLAYROOM: The Billiard Room and Activities Room are not to be used as a playroom or babysitting facility for children.
  • TIMING: Maximum playing time is one hour, but if no one else is present, players can continue thereafter until someone else wishes to play, whereupon the table must be relinquished at the end of the game then in play, which shall be completed promptly.
  • CARE: Cues without tips may not be used at any time. Keep tips well-chalked. Avoid using excessive force to strike billiard balls. Jumping balls is not permitted nor is sitting on the edge of the billiard table. Do not strike the pool table with cue tip.
  • EQUIPMENT: Those using the billiard tables shall return all equipment (balls, cues, etc.) to its proper place, and replace the table covers after use.
  • DAMAGE: The resident shall report all damage to the pool table, ping pong table, room, facilities or equipment to the Management Office or Security before use and shall be responsible for the costs of any loss or damage arising during the period of the resident(s) use thereof.
  • RESTRICTED: The Billiard Room may not be booked as part of a party room activity.
  • NO SMOKING: No one shall smoke in the Billiards Room, or in any other indoor common element, at any time.
  • FOOD & DRINK: No one shall bring food or drink into the Billiards Room.
  • RADIOS: Portable radios or tape players or similar devices are permitted only when earphones are used.