photo credit: W.A. Weeks

Islington 2000/2010 is a luxury gated condominium complex in the Toronto west borough of Etobicoke, within easy distance of shopping, parks, highways,public transport and Pearson airport.

With only 6 suites on each floor, the dimensions are unusually spacious and the hallways are quiet. Residents enjoy many amenities including two pools, tennis courts, gym, party room, and more. Almost 10 acres of beautifully designed grounds surround one the most sought-after housing complexes in the city.

During the COVID-19 pandemic residents have maintained strict safety protocols.  Visitors are expected to wear masks and maintain social distance while in our common areas for everyone’s safety.

photo credit: W.A.Weeks

Assessing Your Risk

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted by the Ontario government we are expected to monitor our own risk for each situation. If the situation is indoors, or outdoors, or well-ventilated the risk is different. If we wear a mask sometimes, all the time or never the risk is different.

We can be fully vaccinated but experience has taught us that the virus can be transmitted even to vaccinated individuals, and each of us has a different health profile. How are we to judge the risk of each outing or event?

The National Institute on Aging with the support of the Canadian government has published a questionnaire-like risk calculator that you can use whenever you have to decide whether you should  attend an event or put yourself in a particular situation. When you have answered all the questions you will arrive at a personal assessment of the risk.

My COVID-19 Visit Risk Calculator

In addition to this precaution, you can take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) just before heading out for extra reassurance that you won’t pass the virus to others.  For the sake of your health and your neighbours, as well as the capacity of our health system, please take care!

Community Bus – TTC route 405

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) operates a number of bus routes for specific neighbourhoods. These special routes are designed to make it easy to get around locally.

Ours is route 405. The buses are similar to wheel-trans buses and are a convenient method for older and disabled people to get around. Use the community bus  to get to medical appointments, hairdresser visits, grocery and pharmacy shopping, meeting friends for coffee, etc. The 405 route runs from Monday to Friday during the day only. The TTC website lists the stops and provides a map.

Our nearest stop is in front of the NoFrills near the corner of Dixon and Islington but you can wave down these buses from anywhere a long the posted route. Some of the stops are aligned with regular TTC routes. You are advised to be at your stop a few minutes early to be sure of your pickup by the community bus.

Pay cash-free by tapping your Presto card. Otherwise you will have to find exact change. Here’s how to get a Presto card if you don’t have one already.


Covid-19 vaccination

Photo by CDC on UnsplashAre you eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination?

Vaccination is our best hope of taming the pandemic by protecting our community from the spread of severe illness.

Most of us are already fully vaccinated but are ready for a third or booster shot. Others are recently eligible (children under 12) or have taken some time to decide about first or second doses.

There are many ways to access vaccines. Here are some options: