Your visitor calls from the lobby:

When a visitor uses the enterphone to call your suite, your telephone will ring with a distinctive sound – 2 quick rings – so that you can distinguish between an enterphone call and an outside call. Just pick up your phone and talk to your visitor.

To admit your visitor and automatically unlock the entrance door:

  • for 2000 Islington Press 6;
  • for 2010 Islington Press 9 .

Hold 2 seconds and hang up.

***Digital Box Channel 59 or HD Channel 998 on your television will allow you to see the front entrance to our building and who is using the enterphone.***

If you are already talking on a regular telephone call:

You will hear a muted double beep on your telephone line. You can then do one of two things:
(a)   excuse yourself and hang up, causing your phone to ring almost immediately. Pick it up, identify the visitor, and

  • Press 6  (for 2000)
  • Press 9 (for 2010).

(b)    ask the outside party to wait a minute and Press 3. This places your outside caller on hold and simultaneously connects you to your visitor.

To unlock the door and admit your visitor:

  • Press 6  (2000)
  • Press 9 (2010)

Press 3 again to return to your outside caller.