Reserve Funding Explained

Posted on Mar 1, 2015 in Board, Info, News

From Association Reserves a California-based professional engineering consulting company that has prepared more than 30,000 reserve fund studies throughout the U.S., comes a series of recorded webinars explaining everything you might be questioning about reserve funding issues of condominium complexes in any jurisdiction.  Members of condominium boards need to be familiar with these principles to make informed decisions.  And the rest of us could be a little more informed too.  A list of these recorded webinars is here, and if you prefer to read articles on these topics they are here. While legislation varies from state to state and province to province, there are basic reserve fund standards and definitions that are common to all jurisdictions.

The first webinar is below – Reserve Study Basics

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Announcing your Board of Directors

Posted on Nov 1, 2013 in Board, News

At two Annual General Meetings in October each building settles on the board of directors for the following year.  Please check under the heading Board of Directors to see their names, and a procedure for contacting them with your thoughts and concerns.

To contact the board of directors with questions or comments:

  • please write/type/print a letter
  • include your name, and suite number with your message
  • be sure to add your signature
  • bring your letter it to the management office.  If the office is closed, you can put it in the mailbox beside the office door.

Your letter will be given to the appropriate board of directors and will be discussed at a board meeting.

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