Changes to Condominium Act

Posted on Jul 7, 2018 in Board, News

In the past year there have been substantial changes to the Ontario Condominium Act as well as the accompanying Regulations.

As residents you are wise to have some understanding of the ways that condominiums are governed.

Here are some sources of information for you:

The condominium director training is available free
of charge to condo owners, residents and members of the
public. Simply set up an user account with the Condo Authority of Ontario to access the training. Be an informed owner when you attend annual general meetings.

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New Condo Boards for 2017/18

Posted on Nov 1, 2017 in Board, News

In October each building held its annual general meeting (AGM).  This led to the establishment of the new boards.  Here they are:

MTCC 570

  • President: Tony Lecce
  • Vice President: Peter Bahry
  • Treasurer: Sandro Fasciani
  • Assistant Treasurer: John D’Angelo
  • Secretary: Erle Stephens

YCC 531

  • President: Lina Romano
  • Vice President: Manny Radomski
  • Treasurer: Peter Battaglino
  • Director: Mary Ann Sillimaa
  • Director: John MacDonald

We owe sincere thanks to these individuals who have stepped up to volunteer their time and expertise in service of our community.

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New Director

Posted on Nov 14, 2016 in Board, News

Sandro Fasciani

At the Annual General Meeting of MTCC 570 (2000 Islington) held on October 20th Sandro Fasciani was elected to the Board. The current Board is:

  • President:   Tony Lecce
  • Vice President/Secretary:   Peter Bahry
  • Treasurer:   Sandro Fasciani
  • Secretary:   Joe Fazari

The Board of YCC 531 (2010 Islington) remains the same:

  • President:   John Macdonald
  • Vice President/Secretary:   Manny Radomski
  • Treasurer:   Lina Romano
  • Director:   Mary-Anne Sillamaa
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2010 Islington Directors’ BBQ

Posted on Aug 28, 2016 in Board, News

The annual Directors’ Barbecue for 2010 Islington was held on August 23rd, and once again the evening was perfect for the occasion.  A dedicated crew of volunteers helped to make everything run smoothly and the party was a wonderful success.

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2000 Islington Directors’ BBQ

Posted on Aug 7, 2016 in Board, News

The sky on August 4th was clear and the evening was a warm one for the annual Directors’ BBQ for 2000 Islington. A big thank you to everyone who pitched in and helped to made it so successful.
Below are some photos of the party.

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And a New Director for 2000

Posted on Feb 29, 2016 in Board, News

Recently Colin Chedore retired from his director position on the MTCC 570 Board.  Fortunately the Board has been able to fill the opening by recruiting a new director, Diana Foggia.  Welcome!

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